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Welcome to our Web Site specializing in the family history of families who settled in Rice Township, Sandusky County, Ohio in the early 1830's.   

We hope this information can help you in your family history research.  Please let us know if you find these resources useful.  
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 Rice Twp. Family Index
Abt. 1860
 Abt. 1874 
Abt. 1970

HETRICK Family History
Sandusky County, Ohio

Ancestors & Descendants

Mary, George, Peter, & Philip Hetrick

Second Edition
compiled by

Frieda Hetrick Ried
May 2004

Hard Bound Book ($25 + Shipping)

For a copy, please contact:
Janese Ried
612 Sixth Street
Fremont, OH 43420

PDF Format (555 pages - Over 8000 individuals)
File Size
0.02 MB
Introduction & Ancestry
1- 54
1.8 MB
55 - 466
Annotated Photos, etc.
467 - 489
Name Index
490 - 554

 Errata / Corrections (provided by readers)
To submit corrections, please contact:
Milt Hetrick, Jr.

 Addendum A - Revised List of Third Generation (Grandchildren) Descendants of John Nicholas and Anna Catharina (Brosius) Hetrick

 Addendum B - Misc Updates & Additions (provided by readers)

CD-ROM also available upon request
Contact: mahetrick@msn.com


 Descendants of 
John B. Gahn, Sr.
   Born: abt 1805, Germany
Married: abt. 1828 
   Died: 28 FEB 1880
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
Elizabeth ?
   Born: 08 MAR 1804, Germany
   Died:  5 DEC 1893
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
Surname Index
(354 individuals, in 114 family groups)
 Descendants of 
Peter Hetrick
Born: 5 OCT 1806 
Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
Married: 4 APR 1828 
   Died: 21 SEP 1879
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
    Judith Hensel
   Born: 28 AUG 1810, Pennsylvania
   Died:  7 SEP 1893
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
 Surname Index
(4893 individuals, in 1720 family groups)
Descendants of 
Philip Hetrick
Born: 15 OCT 1810 
Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
Married: 12 FEB 1837 

   Died: 22 DEC


Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
 Anna Mary Kreilick
   Born: 10 FEB 1819, Pennsylvania
   Died:  22 JAN 1903
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
  Surname Index (coming soon)
Descendants of 
Adam Kreilick
   Born: 18 MAR 1804 
Mackinaw Twp, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
Married: 30 JUN 1831 
   Died: 12 JUN 1891
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
    Elizabeth Reitz
   Born: 30 OCT 1810
   Died:  8 FEB 1881
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
Surname Index

(1280 individuals, in 402 family groups) 

Family History & Descendants of
John Adam Andrew Kreilick (1772-1842)
[PDF 2.8 MB]

Ancestors and Descendants of 
Abner Isaiah Hetrick
   Born: 15 Jan 1881 
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
Married: 17 April 1907 
   Died: 29 May 1965
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
    Ida Catherine Gahn
   Born: 27 Jan 1888
   Salem Twp, Ottawa Co.,Ohio
   Died:  5 Feb 1974
Rice Twp, Sandusky Co.,Ohio
Family History  
  Sandusky County Maps
Family Photo Gallery
  Family Research Documents

Family Stories / "Snippets"

"Some of My Early Memories"
(Growing up in Rice Twp., Sandusky Co., Ohio)
by Milt Hetrick, Sr.
PDF Version (22MB)

    Deeds/Land Records

  Headstones/Cemetery Records

Hineline Cemetery

  Genealogy Links & Searches

Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center
Obituary Index


We hope you are able to use some of the information here, and would love to hear from you, especially if you think we may be cousins!


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